About Us

Pakistan’s first and only Production & Entertainment Conference showcasing: Film, TV, Theater, Radio, Print & Digital Media.

Focus PK ’16 is a multidisciplinary conference that offers professionals and students the unique opportunity to gain tremendous knowledge and in-depth understanding from the multi-billion dollar Pakistani entertainment industry. Focus PK ’16 is here to bridge the knowledge gap that exists when it comes to the behind-the-scenes processes of music, film, television, theater, radio, print and digital media; with the goal of showcasing entertainment and production via a hands-on experience that demonstrates how to create masterpieces.


Through an unprecedented access to the industry’s decision makers: owners, CEOs, presidents, principals, producers, financiers, distributors and trade bodies;

and a rare opportunity to hear from the global thought leaders and experts, Focus PK ’16 offers incomparable value to all.


With speakers from fields such as film, music, media and publishing, performance, visual and auditory arts, Focus PK ’16 ensures a multifaceted, detailed and unparalleled insight into the entertainment industry. By providing this opportunity, Focus PK ’16 aims to empower the entertainment industry to evolve and grow exponentially both locally and globally.